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The Story of the Good Wolf

A young boy once asked an old wise man "what is the secret to a long and happy life"?

The old man replied "inside each of us are two wolves who are constantly fighting  for dominance. one is the good wolf; filled with love, peace, strength,courage, confidence and contentment.

The other is the bad wolf and is filled with hatred, anger, weakness, fear, doubt and misery".

The boy then asked "which wolf is stronger? The old man answered

 "the one which you feed the most".

Welcome to Good Wolf Health & Fitness.

As we work together, we will show you a way to a fitter, stronger, healthier and ultimately happier way of living your life. We will be with you at every step you take on your journey as you learn how to eat better, exercise harder and discover the pleasures of living healthier.

Always Feed the Good Wolf.

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